About Chai

Envision Yourself Not As Who You Are, But Who You Are Going To Be!


Charleen K. St. Helene, who goes by the name Chai is an acclaimed Film Director, Writer & Producer, Animator, Author & Podcaster. She is also a serial entrepreneur involved in Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Life Coaching. She is the CEO & Founder of Fin-U Life Coaching, The Real with Chai Podcast, & The LaZy Marketer Facebook Group.

With a love for music,entertainment and film, and passion for finance, financial literacy, trading, entrepreneurship, marketing, investing and inspiring. She found a way to intertwine the two worlds to create the dream empire that she loves.

My Story

Like most people, I have to ask story??? Which story would you like to hear? If you're here, I am guessing my entrepreneurial story. I'll be quick. The theory is that most young girls dreamt of dolls, I dreamt of being the next Oprah and some. I wanted to be an investor, entrepreneur, and entertainer like no other.

In 2011, I joined a newtwork marketing company and created a great e-store it went by the name SafeBuys123, it actually still shows on Google today. But with school and me not understanding the value of being an entrepreneur, I choose a 2nd job. I know right!!!

In 2012, a lady named Lisa recruited me for Avon. It was fun, but I had no idea how to run or market a business. I desperately wanted an online business, and at the time with Avon that wasn't quite possible. Between the option of shipping costs or having the rep deliver, and friends and associates never wating to pay up when the orders arrived. I soon shut that down too.

In 2015, I tried to start a finance business which was a franchise of a company that gave lup sum offers to lottery winners, home salers and the likes. I started off strong, mailing out letters getting quite a few calls. But as time went by, something just didn't feel right. This company's ethics just didn't match mine. Again, I think if you do a Google search you can find a few old, non-active links.

In 2018, I was already working from home as an ESL teacher, and loved the semi-freedom that came with it. In just a few months, I became a top earner and was at the highest rank within the company. But the long hours and the rise of new online schools quickly changed a number of variables. That is when I turned to network marketing, which led to afilliate marketing. And in an attempt to create outstanding offers and bring the ultimate value to my customers... Life Coaching.

Even from a kid, I wanted to add value to this world. Not just exist in it, but to be a part of it. So there was a phase where I wanted to be a psychologist. Did I say phase?! LOL!!! I think Life Coaching is a pretty close one, huh!?

This brings us to now!!! In becoming a network marketer, affilliate marketer and well online entrepreneur, I faced a series of challenges which were so avoidable if "the right" tools were available to me upfront. It took me long hours of building, learning, and creating to get to this point. Thankfully, you don't have to. TheRealwithChai Podcast is FREE!!! The LaZy Marketer FB Group is FREE!!! The Real with Chai blog is FREE!!! The lives are FREE!!! Question it if you want, LOL! But in anycase, you're welcome!!! I am that sure that once you plug in, you're NOT going to ever want to plug out!!!