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Serial entrepreneur Kellen Kautzman is the founder and operator of Send It Rising where he manages business development and strategy for more than 30 clients, while overseeing a team of over 20 internet marketing professionals.

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish and Master’s Degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, Kautzman began his professional career teaching K-12 and later as a Spanish teacher at the prestigious Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists.

After five years of teaching, Kautzman got the itch to start blogging in 2007, and in turn became an early player in the practice of SEO. He began blogging for Bright Hub and Associated Content, and later served as the Director of Operations at ADvise Media Group, an SEO and social media-based internet marketing company, prior to forming Send It Rising.

Kautzman is a well-regarded expert on growing small business with internet marketing and SEO, and is a regular guest on national business-related podcasts, such as Business Show 2.0, The Entrepreneur Way and Money for Lunch. Kautzman is an accomplished public speaker and has been featured as the keynote or guest lecturer at dozens of universities, conferences, workshops and networking events including the Westman Group Incorporated Sales Conference, Entrepreneurs Assembly, Roseman University, University of Nevada at Reno, and the Cessna Pilot Centers Conference in Daytona Beach.

Inspired by motivational business writers likeSimon Sinek (“Start with Why”) and Malcolm Gladwell (“The Tipping Point”), Kautzman was led to author his own self-help book “Everybody’s Doing It – Advertising Redefined by an SEO Expert,” which initially launched as the #1 New Release on Amazon.com in the SEO category in August of 2017.Kautzman has also been featured as an SEO expert in his published articles for Nevada Business Magazine, Small Biz Daily, Small Biz Club and Las Vegas Business Press.

Kautzman is obsessed with continually adopting new business strategies, exploring new endeavors, and engaging in new marketing trends, serving as a leader in emerging fields. This entrepreneurial spirit has led Kautzman to start up other ventures including Kautzman Properties, a family-run real estate investment company; and Crypto Miner Group, a crypto-currency mining company he co-operates with three business partners.

Originally from Mandan, North Dakota, Kautzman relocated to Las Vegas in 2011. In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, running, basketball, and listening to audiobooks on business strategy. Kautzman lives in Anthem Highlands with his wife, Lonaeja, a video game recruiter, and their two young children.

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