About Patricia Mitchell

Patricia Mitchell is an expert in business and self help. She is an expert in areas like, “How to open a non- medical home care agency” and “Tap the power within to create success and wealth”, & “How to start a home care agency on a shoe string budget” you can open in your home or building.

She started her career when she was 19 as a Director of Nursing secretary and the Nursing Office Manager of a medium size hospital. She has two daughters, 2 great grandchildren and was married twice. Her second husband died in 2004. At the age of Twenty four she was 3 months late on her rent and was sitting on the bed when she literally heard a voice say to her “ Patricia you don’t have to be poor you can have wealth”. She asked how ? And for 40 years this power within her has been teaching her from within, leading her to secret documents, and leading her to knowledge about creating wealth in ones life. Now, she considers herself an expert in “ the Power within”. She has written a course called “Tap the power within”. In addition, she is graduating soon with my Doctoral degree in “Organizational Leadership”. And is currently the proud owner of a successful nursing agency. She is in the process of writing her second book, and also wrote a course on “Opening a non-medical home care agency”. In Spring of 2019 she will be starting a digital tv network.

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