What is TheRealwithChai Power Pack Series???

The name says it all #Power Pack! As a Life Coach, I firmly believe in empowerment. Too often we find or learn things and keep them all to ourselves. Now, now I'm not saying that you share ALL your secrets. That would be... ummm.. well, you know! One of the persons I admire the most in this world is the great and very underrated Russell Brunson.

One of the key and most puzzling things to people is why Russell shares his secrets in his DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets books and the likes. Am I endorsing? Russell offcourse!!! Am I a click funnels affilliate, oh nooooo!!! (for so many reasons). Why am I bringing up Russell? Stay with me!!! Russell's methods, more so "click funnels" has not worked for everyone. Thus the anti-click funnels community e.g. the Builderall & Beaver Builder tribes. What I admire about him is that he spent all this time and money learning all of this stuff and unlike his competitors put them all in books and trainings some of which are sooo cheap or even FREE!!! He gives back to move forward.

There are alot of experts out there willing to share their knowledge, skillsets and lessons learned. So I decided to find them. As many industry experts as I can over the next year or so, all in one place. Their interviews filled with knowledge. Quick info as to who they are and what they can offer. And a link/way to connect with them if you desire too. Some of them are actually great potential metors and coaches which by now, we know I am a fan of!!!

This is my favorite part of the regular or non-pp podcast episodes. This is our tip and challenge for the week. Often these are achieveable yet important goals.


As you can tell by now, I was not bluffing,LOL! I am NOT filled with HYPE! Here at The Real with Chai and any of my other brands as a matter of fact, we mean business. I'll leave you with this last quote, "The time it takes to talk about something. Or the time it takes to find excuses not to do it. Is exactly the same amount of time that it takes to get the job done. How do you measure your time?" -Chai

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