About Dr. Cletus Bulach

Dr. Cletus R. Bulach is a retired Ohio school superintendent and associate professor emeritus at the University of West Georgia. He is the author of numerous articles in educational journals and is a co-author of the two books: School Climate and Culture Vis-à-vis Student Learning: Keys to Collaborative Problem Solving and Responsibility.

The second book is Enhancing A High Performing School Culture and Climate: New Insights for Improving Schools. The second book focuses on human relations problems that interfere with creating a positive school culture and climate: Poor interpersonal communications and inability to cope with conflict.

His website is www.westga.edu/~cbulach.

His e-mail is cbulach@comcast.net

All materials on his website are FREE. The reform and school culture described in the books create a learning environment where a student’s five basic needs are met. This leads to improved test scores and a 75% reduction in student discipline and misbehavior problems.

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